sábado, maio 22, 2010

What makes you feel like you live better

Things that fix me on the inside: smells, sounds, tastes and visions. Fenchel Tee und Tori Amos. Spending extra five euros that I shouldn't spend on extra pillows at Ikea to make me feel more comfortable in bed... Small details like observing the quick and cute movement of birds and the how the flowers blossom together in the trees during Spring here in Europe. The different colors of leafs in the trees in Rio... Things I learned by myself to make my life a little more interesting; an attempt to leave the center and to expand my outlines. A chance to grow bigger than my body allows me to. Literature does this to quite a few people. Music does this to quite a lot of them. Then, if the idea of a "heaven" makes some people feel like they live better, if drugs make some others feel like they found meaning and purpose in life, if sports also do this, how can I be against any of these stuff? If I believe in freedom, if I believe in the power of choice of the human being, how can I say "What I do is right and what you do is not"? (...) Still, when it comes to close relationships, I sink.

And so I think I may pick the ones that I feel better together with, and leave others aside, but knowing they exist and (the difficult part) respecting the different choices. Still, I feel I am part of a group of people that are nowhere to be found, because they are everywhere and can't be seen.