quarta-feira, fevereiro 17, 2010


The eggs are hard probably for boiling too long in the water. This is breakfast. Waiting. Years have passed and mistakes haven t. Time is taking too long to encounter me, I run so fast. Learnings. Relationships have always been my private hell and heaven. Yearning. Love was always present, even though in a twisted way. One way relationships, thousands of made up love stories: I found love in trees and leaves. Mirrors. I also love myself when I look at me. I love dressing up and undressing only for me. Never for others.
It s too easy for me to walk all over myself. It s too easy attracting people that would do the same. Shame; more like a shyness that isn t supposed to happen. (Things to expect from a Brazilian-singer). The things that aren t supposed to happen but do are what we call (life). And the things that are supposed to happen but don t are called (dreams). I like all forms, including squares. Where do I fit, though? What is my format? Do I look like a guitar or a pear? Do I sing like a mermaid, do I look like a saint or a devil? Can I be everything, I mean everything? Not, when someone tells me I dress up like Avril Lavigne. Fire. Can you feel me burning? That is what makes me shake, so when you think Im uptight, Im actually burning up and shaking, in the middle of my legs, but I cant tell you this, especially you, because above all people you wouldn t appreciate that. You are afraid of that little secret of mine. Spiders and swords. No cards for spiders, only webs. So while you play your little games, I spin my web, sliding along with my short legs. Such little person so big in the soul, so heavy in breathing, so anxious in the heart is about to explode. Seeds of different types, that is my Brazilian generosity for the world.

segunda-feira, fevereiro 01, 2010

The only good thing about me is that I am Brazilian

There is nothing special about me.

I am not the next big hit, I only sing for friends and mosquitos.
My love is not great and I'm not good in bed because I can't turn a bad guy in sex into a good one, and I am pretty "forgettable". If you want to learn how to get over something, become my boyfriend, they always do this really quickly. My next pick up line is "Yes, I am Brazilian and yes, I do have a huge cock, but I'm not good in bed, so forget it."
I am not flawless and I show my sore points to the world, even when people don't really want to see them. Want to see them?
I could never tell a good joke, I always laugh endlessly before I finish. I'm sick, but people tell me that what I really am is crazy. Well, I obviously don't agree.
Yes, I am from Rio, but Carnival is not the hottest event of the year, it is actually a pain in the ass and I don't have a tan. Actually, I am pretty god damn white and I don't listen to Bossa-nova. I am not a girl from Ipanema, I am from Tijuca (there is life beyond the twin tunnels. people!)
Fuck the beach, the water is poluted anyway. Turists, stop throwing garbage on the floor! (And/or making real state business, this city is crowded! Have you seen the favelas? It's not worthy your million bucks.)
I don't enjoy 40 degrees Celsius. Try to steel a stick or a bug from the Amazon, and you will know my rage. Try to harm any more animals, and I'll show you my teeth, but I don't really care for people because I believe in karma. I am always dramatic. I let my hair grow all over in Europe, but I was so glad to become a Brazilian again, when a Brazilian girl offered to wax me. Hurray! I always call first. I always take the initiative. I hate when I do that. I hate myself a lot. I never know what to do. I take too long in the shower and to get dressed when everyone is waiting for me. I don't smoke but all my friends do and I get sick a lot. I have to open all the windows and freeze everyone's asses. I hate my friends a lot as well, but I hate my ex boyfriends more, although I know it is my problem to be immediately attracted to trouble. I just know everyone hates me. The hate for me is a round circle, that is a magickal path. It is my tail that bites me, not the opposite. I always die when I kill, how lame is that? I can't really be mean to people, how lame is that?
I am just about anyone, just a little bit stronger, like a punch in your coffee (or stomach). And I don't look as good as I think in my cute little outfits.