sexta-feira, agosto 06, 2010

My Dark Master

"Yeah, take me to the underworld and I will try not to mind while you rip this little naive virgin out of her clothes and rape her naked out her own disempowering truths. What I hold on so dearly is nothing but who I am, and this very limited experience, I know, in the face of being God - which is everything- is what you are really trying to do. Why do I want to keep this self experience when I can bend over to the many?  So you call up some other Gods for a little orgy, while some other penises in the form of ideas try to penetrate my brain. Why is that so? Because of the flow of life that you want me to keep, because no matter what I believe in or what I want for my life, I will only get what I must. And so, you, as the most serious and hidden master of them all, is trying to make me quit all of my childish fears - which are the greatest also, because I don't understand them - by making me confront my old experiences, bringing me new and equally painful ones. I am almost there, I can feel it, the point of not minding anymore. So come, even when I fear, and pick me up from my fields of flowers. It's time."

The jewelry you give me and that I shall wear can't be seen. My award is only for me to know.

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